All About Me Me!!!!

what ur name?

how old are u?

where u stay?
*somewhere in the earth*

when is ur b'day?

what is ur attribate?

what ur zodiac sign?

what ur favoritefood?
*westren food n chinese food!!!*

what ur favorite colour?

what ur favorite book?
*dun read book.Like comic n mazgine*

who ur idol?
*Nope but i like them song.Some oni la*

what ur hobbies and interets?
*on9,chat-chit,sms,play badminton n dance*

what ur favorite movie?
*10,000 BC,Kung Dunk,Death Note,Race to witch mountain*

what ur favorite music?
*xiao jiu wo,wo tai xiang ni,wo ke yi,n all the love song*

Saturday, June 20, 2009


I will not update my blog becaues seldom online and also my result very bad this time,so I will update my blog til me get a good result.GOODBYE!!!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Disaster Come Non-Stop

Today wake up so early beacuse the stupid influenza and my sore throat.Got alot 'wan tan' at my table.Geting worse than yesterday.Yesterday night also can't sleep so well.My eye like panda now.OMG!!!HaizZ....need to see doctor already.

Sweetness Turn Into Bitterness

Today I was so sad and angry at myself.Why i do such stupid thing?I so regret what I had done to my friend and i had done this stupid mistake twice already.Somemore today i had a bad flu in the morning.I don't want go school but have to because to take my moral paper.At ac I was in bad mood.Don't to talk with my friend just want pay attention to study.When I don't talk with my friend one day,they will distubed me.Vivian.qai ling and cho yee take away my stationery.I know they just play but I not in play mood today.I knock the table twice so loud til my hand pain and hot.Then they gave back my stationery.That time I feel so angry to them because stationery are important to me.I show mine middle finger to cho yee and she cry because she don't like it.But I can't control myself anymore.My patience has limit.Sorry cho yee.I hope you can forgive me.Once only.My friend gave me chocolate again.She very care about me.Thank you.

Yesterday I had a very bad day.Having sore thort,period and my seni result.KahYan u know about this right?Because u also have sore mood so moody even I look happy in school but not atually.Don't judge a book by it cover.But thank to my friend.She know my mood was bad, so everytime when i bad mood or sad she gave me CHOCOLATE.Li Ting now you know why i don't like chocolate.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Fly Away............

I will spend my money starting this saturday.HaizZ.................but eles have fun.I want buy present for my friend on sunday.Then go sp to celebrate her birthday and on monday will treat Brenda eat secret repic.WoW!!!!feel like richman but atually not at all.Whole 1st week of June will be busy.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

You Don't Know Me

I know all your thoughts
and trust me,they are lies.
You can't make assunmptions;
You've never looked in my eyes.
There is not an ounce of truth
in any word you say.
Your lips have never spoken to me;
You barely ever look my way.
How can you believe
whatever flows in your ears?
You sure don't know me,
and neither do your peers.
I seriously don't know what you gain
from spreading all these rumors.
You may think it's fun,
but I don't see the humor.
Can you see where I'm coming from?
I really hope you do.
You're trying to gain self-esteem
When people do the same thing to you.
Your vague perception of me
is worthless to my ears.
You have no idea who I am,
so you can't reach my tears.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Should I Take Another Way?

Today i went to ac.Finally change back my mind already.Maybe because of that I change my mind.But i don't I will change back to my own way or not.Myself i also don't know which pathway I should go.Left?or right?I hope got something or someone help me to do decision.That day I know we not so close anymore.You give me a cold feeling to me.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Nothing Better Than Smile

Today is Teacher Day!!!But i was very happy even through not my day.All my friend had make happy again and forget sad memory.I didn't take my picture with my friend but i take them.Because i have no mood to take picture.Sorry.After teacher day had finsih.Me,Cho Yee,Pei Lim,Kah Yan,Charity,Jospehine,Qai Ling,Amanda and Catherine went to Amrop Mall but Catherine didn't ate with us because she had no transport went home.Never mine.Me,Kah Yan,Jospehine and Charity went to Kenny Roger.3rd time i ate with friends.After finsih ate,go hang around at Amrop Mall then i went back myself.Nothing more to say already..............

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Tearsdrop of An Angel.An Anger of Demon

Yesterday I don't why so angry and sad because of a person.I ask myself but still no answer to solve this question.I want to cry almost but no tears coming out.I feel no use to contiune our friendship anymore.She keep sms to me.Non-stop.I feel want throw my phone far far far away from me.But i don't know why i still want her care about me?I just can't figure out.Tell me why.I never understand forever.

Khye Yeng,Lisher and Brenda



When to sumit today.Bored day become happy!!!Buy a shirt and bag.Guess who i saw?
Florence:Wyane(shout and all people look at me)
Florence:Where your girlfriend?
FLorence:Yesterday that girl.That one who walk with you in mbpj
Wyane:She not my girlfriend
Florence you wait!!!At school going to kil you!!!
Want buy somemore but time gone so fast need go home.BYE BYE!!!
Will go Mid and Sg.Wang.Shopping!!!

Unlucky Day

After school finsih,when to go library MBPJ.Guess who i saw?Saw my junior and my teacher at there.I so shocked saw them.Then walk to old town with ky and i saw........Florence!!!AHHHH!!!

  • Florence:Hi Wyane
  • Wyane:Hi
  • Florence:Eh....wyane your girlfriend??!!(shouting and talk so loud)
  • Wyane:NO!!!
  • Florence:Wait.....I tell Erra

I walk away.When walking to old town with ky make me quiet.Don't have talk also.It all Florenca fault.Then when reach to ac.Finally got talk with ky.Go Mcd and also saw my junior.I feel like they goissp me and ky.Hope not that they think like Florence do.WOW!!!Today whole day bully by ky and alice at ac.Keep saying lwy and brenda.

  • Alice:Wei...weng yan your laopo let go her hair
  • Wyane:So?
  • Alice:Go puji her leng lui
  • Wyane:don't want
  • play two in one?
  • Wyane:Where got?I still single

Ky keep bully me by messy up my hair.Ky wait la!!I will reverage.Aiyo!!!I should ponteng ttn.So regreat

Art Can Make Me Thinking of You

NICE?In picture nice but real not nice.Ky also say like that.Brenda and ky want to see how i draw and can't wait to see.So go sunway primaid buy water colour also take this change go see my friend there and draw for them.Both of them say nice.I ask them
  • wyane:how many mark for my drawing?
  • ky:erm....70 something
  • brenda:75
  • wyane-brenda and ky:why dont' give me 100?
  • ky:don't because later you sombong
  • brenda:because the mountain not nice

But both of them like the flower only.Never mine i will draw more nice in exam

Saturday, May 9, 2009

love by wyane:
Why I keep thinking of you?
I want stop think about you
but my feeling can't stop
I have force myself to stop it
But still no cure for it
my eyes always search for you,always look forward to see you everyday
I only can see you from far distance
I wish you can stand with me together
But i know it won't happen

Fake Story

Atually not true story.Ky and alice just play play only........haizZ......
So childish

  • F=Friendship
  • U=You
  • C=Can
  • K=Keep
  • You=You